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This FAQ page won’t answer every possible question you may have about blinds and shades. But it can answer some of the most commonly searched for queries, and if it’s more information you need, or an answer to a different question, our window treatment experts will be more than happy to provide it.

What are cellular shades made of?

These shades are made of folded and pleated spun lace and bonded polyester material formed into long cells, or "honeycombs", that can reduce heat transfer due to their unique structure. They can be constructed as one, two or three cells (pockets), with the R-Value increasing in direct correlation to the number of cells. The cells themselves range in size between ¾” to 9/16”, where larger cells that have more airspace have a higher insulation value than the narrower ones. Some triple cell can reach R-Value of 7.18.

Can all types of blinds be motorized?

With today’s new technologies, all types of blinds and shades can be automated either during the initial installation or as an added feature later on. Roller, Roman, Cellular, and even bi-fold door blinds can all be fitted with automated controls for full operation. Horizontal blinds, including wood, faux wood and aluminum, can easily be fully automated with the additional option of tilting the slats into the open or closed positions. Not all motorized systems, however, offer full automation to store-bought window treatments. Consulting with a professional first is always advisable.

What are the different types of layered shades?

Layered shades, or dual sheer shades, offer an attractive look and easy light control due to their special design of alternating sheer vanes and opaque fabric. When the shade is fully closed, the layered design allows for the sun to go through the sheer vanes and light up the room, and when adjusted, the opaque fabric covers the sheer stripes and darkens the room and provides added UV protection as well. Layered shades came with a continuous-loop lift operation or as a motorized lift, which is perfect for larger size windows.


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