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Sheer Shades Near Solana Beach | Blinds & Shades Escondido

Sheer Shades

Customer Issue: Mr. Hart hoped that we would have a solution to help protect the furniture in his sitting room from sun damage.
Our Solution: To help protect Mr. Hart’s furniture from sun bleaching, we recommended several different types of window coverings that would keep out the harmful direct sunlight. Mr. Hart wanted to allow in some ambient light, however, so he picked cream sheer shades. Our technicians took precise measurements of each window so each shade could be custom made to fit, then we took care of putting them into place right away.

Lowell Hart - Solana Beach
Low Cost Roman Shades | Escondido CA

Roman Shades

Customer Issue: This customer wanted to make his living room airier and get rid of the old draperies.
Our Solution: Having listened to our customer’s wishes and needs and having seen the room in question, we explained to Mr. Cook why we believed roman shades were the right choice for him. We helped him choose the fabric that would best complement the interior and took the necessary measurements. After we custom-made the shades, we returned and installed them in the blink of an eye to our customer’s satisfaction.

Kevin Cook - Escondido
Faux Wood Blinds Nearby Ramona CA

Faux Wood Blinds

Customer Issue: Mr. Stokes wanted the natural, elegant look of wood blinds for his company, but wanted it to be affordable as well.
Our Solution: Our experts suggested faux wood blinds to Mr. Stokes, instead of regular wood ones, as this would better suit his company’s budget. Aside from looking the same, they would also remain more durable over time to allow them to last longer, thus saving them even more in the long run. He agreed they were exactly what he was looking for.

Fred Stokes - Ramona
Motorized Roller Shades Nearby Hidden Meadows CA

Motorized Roller Shades

Customer Issue: This customer wanted simple and very customizable shades for her home, as well as to operate them all without the hassle of cords.
Our Solution: Our experts felt that motorized roller shades would perfectly solve all of Ms. Bush’s problems. The cloth of roller shades could be easily customized for any room, and motorization would allow them to all be moved as needed with her smart home system. The customer picked out the colors for each set of blinds according to the room and they were made and installed.

Amanda Bush - Hidden Meadows
New Drapery Close To Solana Beach CA

New Drapery

Customer Issue: Our customer was interested in stylish new window coverings for her bedroom.
Our Solution: Ms. Hudson had a large bedroom with a lot of space, so our professionals suggested drapery. The drapery would have room to flare out properly and flow beautifully, while also being customizable when it came to colors and patterns to match the area nicely.

Megan Hudson - Solana Beach
Motorized Blinds Nearby Poway CA

Motorized Blinds

Customer Issue: Mr. Andrews wanted to simplify his home further.
Our Solution: Our customer already had a smart home system in place and was looking for further modernize, thankfully our team had just the thing! Motorized shades would connect to his system and allow him to operate them using his phone from anywhere, making things easy.

Ignacio Andrews - Poway
Aluminum Blinds Next To Ramona CA

Aluminum Blinds

Customer Issue: This customer required effective, low-maintenance blinds for her company.
Our Solution: Working with our customer and going over various options, our team felt that aluminum blinds would be an excellent choice. They’re affordable, easy to clean, and durable as well, all while working to provide protection from glare on computer monitors.

Irene Smith - Ramona


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Outstanding Service

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Affordable Prices

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5-years to Life

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